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Top Ten Things SELEDA Editors been doing while on Hiatus

10. Trying to forget ruckus that erupted at church following haphazard stuffing of thigh-high dominatrix boots into a flimsy festal.

9. Finding ways to pay for grandmother’s marathon daily international long distance calls to her friends in Awasa with detailed soap opera and sitcom updates. (“Ye Cosby Lijoch indEt adegu, bakish…”)

8. Stalking our high school tormentors at Indian Community – hey, that’s full time work! Gn yewega biressa…

7. Figuring out a way to tell cousin who's just become an over-bearing first parent that new son does not look “innE lmoot, qurrriT Atse Tewodrosn

6. Patenting our secret recipe for “Diet Tej” and “Vanilla Tella

5. Calculating the risk of qsfet if we add a rap beat to ZikarE Mariyam

4. Dictating our new book, “Men are from JanmEda; Women are from KotebE

3. Mezekering all reputable medhaneet qemamiwech and qalichawech to put a hex on out least favorite American Idol contestant

2. Selling our ImClone shares (we know people who know people who know Martha Stewart) and then kicking ourselves silly -- yetabatwa...aTfita Tefi

1. Readying up excuses for our next disappearing act: “Ye wishimachin dread-locks Telefen; Ye'natachin just-in-from-Addis-Abeba family shopping list Telefen; Yesemonu parking lot serateNa megaleT yarezemew lemboCHachin Telefen...