Volume I Number 1                  

A Page for Young Ethiopian Professionals in the U.S.


An entirely too long and pedantic preface from the editors detailing what this is all about, laying out the Rules of Engagement, the fine print and all that self -important stuff.

Our essay feature. In this issue an Ethiopian recalls connecting with her grandmother in "INITIATION".

Ethiopian professionals explore daily life at work, home and play via email. In our inaugural issue: a scientist and a Washington politico engage in discourse about their markedly different worlds.

          "Top Ten Signs You Have Become a Little Too Ferenjie."

What makes us think there will be others? Ah, excellent point. Nevertheless, check out what we hope to bring to a computer near you.

Requests/Inquires/Comments: Are you a prolific writer living in an accountant's body? We need you! Please email story ideas or volunteer yourself to write articles for SELEDA. Contact us at seleda@yahoo.com. And remember the Golden Rule… He who has the gold, rules. So, no whining.