Web Page For The Young Ethiopian Professional. Volume I   Issue X


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  Not from the Editors
How we convinced Nostradamus not to cash in on his millennial prediction of gloom and doom for another thousand years…in order to SAFELY deliver the January issue of Seleda on New Year's Day.

Where you are given a chance-albeit limited-to throw a carnation stem or a dart at our feet and hearts.

Top 10
TETEr QoTAris, alas, are no longer within arms reach. However, SELEDA's resident QAliCHa is sharing-free of charge-ten signs that will let you know when you're ready to go back to Ethiopia.

My Story
On the wonders and stupor of the first few months in the United States.

The SELEDA Bawza spotlights and, yes, reflects on the color Black.

Coming home after a quarter of a century away from home.

House of Pictures
On an enchanted house where Indian ladies float on ceilings, ailing centenarians clash over turf, and children roam free.

Life Diaries
An MBA student and an internet company CEO twist one other's arms and (fortunately for us) expose their second calling: philosophy!

CHilot PArt 2
Ethiopian musicians strike back and leave the plaintiffs... dumbstruck.

My Ethiopia
On Ethiopianess, Home and (dis)Connection: A New Generation Speaks.

Hell Hole Diaries
A businessperson lives in Ethiopia for a few years and learns to love and appreciate the motherland…from a distance.

SELEDA Salutes
Where Seleda editors muzzle their yilugnta to unabashedly praise Ethiopian individuals and organizations that excel.

Readers sublimely indulge our crass attempts to quantify and distill Diaspora yearnings.

SELEDA Back Page
On oversized suitcases, ominous envelopes, WASP units of vacation and, most importantly, the reunification of a no nonsense pair of shoes that was separated at birth.

Comment Center
We never take them to heart but love to read them.

SELEDA Archive
Just got online and need to catch up?