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Breasts, bellies, thigh flashing micro-minis
As far as the eye can see
Netela! A forgotten commodity
Sleaze mistaken for sexy

Come in and out everyone
Taste a morsel
Self is no longer a temple

Caps backward, pants hanging, feet dragging,
Prison culture styling
African roots chained by capitalist freedom
While Tommy & Calvin share a billion-dollar season
Your mind still does not reason

First Yohannes, Emmebet and Mekonen,
Then Johnny, Emmy and Mac
Never say never!
Now they're responding to my homey, bitch and nigger
Integration need not negate original culture

Will they listen? Because I want to tell them

Go for self-respect and dignity
Learn your history
Show pride in your country
Respect your family
"Yo' waz up" is not in the dictionary
The mall is not a library

As for alcohol, drugs and sex
Never mistake excess for acceptance
Replace the illicit with the healthy
And remember brothers, "Maybe" and "NO" always means "NO"
Lest you want to be charged with violence

Sine seerat, Talak makber, Amarigna fidel,
Modernity does not equal tiraznetekenet
Yesemechahu kurat be Ethiopiawinet

Yager huneta? Ye Zemed ououta?
Let it become the Ethio-American generation's flavor
Ethiopia's counting on you to speak truth to power!


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