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Top Ten Modern Gadgets Every Ethiopian Should Have:

10. The whistling jebenna. Takes the guessing game out of over-boiling the bunna.

9. ETan-a-theraphy: Cherry, vanilla and lavender scented eTan. Relax in style.

8. Cell phone ring options: a) "Maleda, Maleda" b) "AyasayeN CHnq"

7. The Palm Pilot ET III: Comes with all the Tabots and all your silets already programmed.

6. Interactive QdassiE CD-ROM: place cursor on the qess figure twelve times to kiralaiso. Also check out the "click-to-confess" feature.

5. 21st Century LimiCh: to help straighten out your CHemlaqa kids but leave no bruises for the Social Services agent to find.

4. The YluNta Hologram: A copy of yourself in fabulous evening clothes, for those embarrassing moments when you have to be at two Sergs simultaneously. Optional applet for wearing different clothes. The all-black-clad you could be added on for 35% more for simulcasting at two leqsos.

3. The TSeT MarEgia 2002: Auto-mute button to silence you at those times when you are about to say "traffik lie estuck hoNE" or when you're about to fling some guramaylE at your Grandma. The use of the more appropriate word in any language will release the mute.

2. Cyber afz-adengz: to enchant that distant suitor you've just chatted with for three hours on-line.

1. The Fara Radar (Faradar™): to help you immediately weed out the well-disguised faras amongst us.

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