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Gullit. Metchal Zeberga, ke desta terara D.C.
Metchal Zeberga
Desta Terara, D.C.

Yet another bad week. NASDAQ is down by about 10% since April and the forecast is not good. This time i'm in it for the short term - I can't afford to loose. I had bought Amazon (AMZN) on margin, and now i'm waiting for a Fed. Call.

The message boards were active again. There are wild speculations about Oracle's (ORCL) record quarter, (CHU) China Unicom's US IPO , and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter's (MWD) quarterly earning call. I'm staying away from the blue chips.

The IPO season is long gone - even PALM went from 165 to 19 7/8 in less than 4 months. Gone are the days of the VA Linuxes opening at 299. But i'm still not giving up - someday, somehow i want to able to afford a 2 1/2 bedroom house in San Jose. Genuity (GENU) went public today - closing 15% down. A year ago, that was unheard of. Today it's the common trend. I wonder who Tokyo Joe is betting on these days...,, and a bunch of others annouced layoffs. All are in the "soooo-five-minutes-ago-dotcom" business. Forget about going to their mixers at the Metreon in San Fransisco.

The boards are still raging about those in telecom and networking : the "enablers of the Dot-conomy", the Dot in DotCom. And it seems SONUS (SONS), Juniper (JNPR) and a few others are proving it might still be worth holding on, even beleive. I'm buying OPRT, TLGY, NENG, SRTI, TUNE.

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