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by: Surafel Assaminew


I saw this pretty Ethiopian girl

So I approached her to say "emboa zebyeder"

She had the looks, long hair and a smile

I knew she was from around the way, the Nile

I said, "Excuse me, you look like abesha

Do you speak amarigna?"

She said, "Uhmm, tinnish tinnish"

I said, "That's alright we can talk in English"

Macking ain't my forte

but I had to say

"bonjour mademoiselle comon tu tapae"

Her name was Turay but prefers to be called T

She got the kind of name that donít go with her beauty

Never mind her name

ĎCause I didn't waste time kicking my game

I found out Turyay was a flirt

little did she know I was more of a pervert

than Marv Albert

Next thing you know we are at the movies

Turyay was dressed for the occasion

wearing a short qemiss

So I had one hand on the popcorn and one hand

on her knees

She pushed my hand back calling me "duriye!"

but I had a big dula ready to do some hoya hoye

Later when the movie was over

I offered her a ride back to her sefer

On the way I stopped the car

and suggested we get to know each other better

She told me she was gonna give me her sílk quTr

But ye wenziow neber

wasn't thinking about getting a number

So I didnít waste time making contact with her kenfer

She showed signs of a little megdrdr

by that time I had her laying back on the weber

making her hotter than CHeCHebsa

took off her shirt and Tut meyaja

Looked even better in her raQut

the type girl you wanna make erguzz

Damn, I wanna be her baby's abbaye

but right now I got a little problem with ajeray

You see, just when it was time for procreation

Ajeray wouldnít rise up to the occasion

I am like, "ante asedabi!"

"You gonna let me down just when I am about to

get some for free

To my disappointment I saw Turyay putting back her butanti

I started to explain about the technical difficulty

"I have been sick the whole week with rasmitat and goonfan"

Truyay I will make it up to you cause usually I am the man"

She said "drowinu arfeh atqemeTm!"

And all I could say was zim

I drove back to her sefer

I was trying to give her a good night kiss on her kenfer

But she got out of the car, giggling, saying "bel dehna eder"

I just remembered i didn't write her phone number

Damn I blew it. "Ayee yene neger"


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