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    Volume II   Issue IV

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Seleda's Top Ten Dot.Coms

  • 10.   www.yemin-leQso.com    Too many leQsos, not enough time? Forget medress -- just send one of our customized cyber cards and a li'l cash online, and you're off the hook!

  • 9.   www.wegebEn.com    Obscure diseases and fresh complaints for the advanced hypochondriac.

  • 8.   www.Tsebel.com    All the tabot Tsebels all the Time)... for when your hectic schedule won't allow you to attend Qidassay until the end.

  • 7. www.y8k.com    Survival kits for that imminent apocalypse.

  • 6.   www.CHatrooms.com    Make your online reservations for fully furnished rooms with velvet cushions, Persian carpets and parcels of CHat to serve your whims of mirQana. Buna not included.

  • 5.   www.dan-tail.com    The ET home furnishing site. Need dantail for your DVD, your TV, your golf clubs? We've got 'em in all sizes, bogé colors and shapes.

  • 4. www.deberew.com   Can't get him to practice safe...er...y'know? Close up photos from the Centers for Disease Control that'll change his mind RIGHT quick. First 1000 hits get free Hiwots.

  • 3.   www.BeZemed.com    Got no credit card but want to rent a car? Your babies need a cheapo sitter from Ethiopia? Bloomingdale's has the perfect back-out for the Toronto Igr-Kwass feshta, but they've caught on to that whole wear-and-return trick? Hey, abeshas work everywhere; we sho' nuff can HOOK you up!

  • 2.   www.deevee.com    You got the moolah? s/he's got the visa. We'll make the match.

  • 1.   www.al-Seleda.com    Just planning in advance (silemayQerilin) for when Seleda joins the omnipresent al-conglomerate.

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