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Editors' Note: Ehhhhhhhh....... is this thing on?

My Story: Sometimes you wish your truth would lie to you and save you from yourself.

Life Diaries: Never have food and drink found themselves in sooooo many strange and fantastical places!

Culinary Mestewadid: When Muffins weave gastronomic magic, what is a mere mortal to do?

Gbzha: Sometimes you get more than you bargained for. And that's not always a bad thing.

Chocolat: Touch, taste, smell, feel...ere, just savor it!

Food for Thought: Get a Plate: Unflinching, unapologetic, uncompromising...don't you dare turn away.

The Taste: e-njera? Napster for injera? Injera as you've never thought of it before.

It's an Allergy, Okay?: Daring to come forward with a difficult...nay, a near unprintable...truth.

Caffè Paradiso: It's an asylum, an iddr, an iqub, a shrink ...heck, it's paradise.

Birz: Assssssssssssssey...Tm yemyareka birz yihhhhhhhhhew!

Yigebawal!: Pardon me. Have you got some awazE?

SELEDA Berenda: A fusion of talent, poignant memories and humor, by Alemayehu Tefera.

Top Ten: Most frequent ferenj remarks overheard at Ethiopian restaurants.

Seleda Fundraiser: We're running out of t-shirts, so you better speak up...or forever be bereft.

Backpage : ImEt Moya Bzu takes on your most pressing questions...and dazzles with her answers.

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