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Tuesday July 27 2021

The Mail

We have been asked by the SELEDA Mail Editor to pass on to our readers that said editor is on strike. (Frankly, we are not entirely displeased. That particular editor has been itching to pick a fight with anyone with luke-warm temperature, and we are glad it's you and not us.)

Apparently, y'all have been discussing SELEDA articles among yourselves and not forwarding them to editors@seleda.com. Well, the humanity! Now you have gotten our staffer all riled up and wrapped tight with kurfia. Hey, we've had enough "Hulishinim CHergijay balhed" threats to last us a lifetime. So, before we go through another "I am the Mail Editor hear me roar" eroro, please, save us.

Send in your comments, reactions, observations and ere b'hig amlaks to our colleague before we run out of tranquilizing shots. Yelenibetim.