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Wednesday August 12 2020

The SELEDA Top Ten

SELEDA's Bookshelf: Top Ten Books UNLIKELY to Be Authored by Historical Figures

  • 10. Peaceful Compromises and Graceful Exits by Mengistu Haile-Mariam.
  • 9. Sleepless in Gonder: I Think I Hurt Your Feelings While I Was Getting in Touch with My Feminine Side. A Book on Forgiveness and Tolerance by Atse Tewodros
  • 8. Celibacy is My New Best Friend by Lij Eyassu
  • 7. Etiquette: How to Keep Your Mischievous Eyes on the Good Book, Your Wisecracks in Your Voice Box, and Your Lecherous Hands Bound Behind Your Back by Aleqa Gebrehana
  • 6. If At First You Don't Succeed, Maybe You're Just a Loser: The Twelve Downfalls of a Persistent Caterpillar and Other Myths by Qidus Yared
  • 5. Keeping Both Feet on the Ground by Abune Tekle-Haimanot
  • 4. Rockitecture for Dummies: a Critique of the Art of Hewing Monolithic Structures Out of Mountains by King Lalibela. (Author of While at Work Atop Mount Rushmore and Unions are Best: The Tedium of Using Angels, Pre-fab Stucco Walls and Sheet Rock for Constructing Churches)
  • 3. Travels Through the Northern Highlands: Preserving the Decorative Interiors of Ethiopian churches and Tana Monasteries by Gragn Mohammed.
  • 2. Taitu Betul's Where's the Beef? Packing Him a Balanced Agelgil and Sending Him off to War
  • And the number one book unlikely to be authored by an historical figure…

  • 1. Who Yo Baby Daddy? Challenges of Proving Paternity by Negist Makeda/Saba