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***Volume 1, Number 2 MAY 1999***


A sampling of the adulation, berating and other fun observations from people who actually read SELEDA Part I.

In a new feature, SELEDA SURVEY, Ethiopian professionals share their best personal tips on corporate success.


Top ten business ideas that won't bring you success in Ethiopia.


A Washington DC biochemist and a San Francisco consultant in supply chain management hash out issues at work and at home.


SELEDA women speak... A thorough guide to understanding today's Ethiopian woman. (And no, that's not an oxymoron.)


Internship information from the companies of Wodet Aleners .


Some of the people, products and stuff we like.


Oh, OK. The Archive, if you must split hairs. SELEDA Volume One, Number One in its entirety. See how the madness started.

Heartfelt thanks to all charter members of Wodet Alen for their invaluable suggestions and support, as well as for their high tolerance of ingrate and increasingly neurotic SELEDA editors. Thank yous also to Dane Greene and Scott Burkey for being such troopers. We rescind any and all threats we might have made on your lives.

Suggestions/letters/taunts may be sent to . We always enjoy hearing from you, even if we are not able to reply to all emails. (We swear, we read all of them!)  As always, the whining clause stands.