How many SELEDA editors does it take to change a light bulb? 22. Six to find a nine syllabus word for 'light bulb'; four to give the light bulb a pseudonym; six to protest that the light bulb doesn't speak Amari-English, and six to counter protest the protest… On the November issue
The rope that grounds us. The muzzle that keeps us humble. The reason why we wake up in the morning. What you think about what we think.
Are we black too? An Ethiopian on race and color.
Ethiopian filmmaker Haile Gerima on his love of cinema, history and sense of community… and on telling the story of Adwa to the whole world.
All four entries. Although you might regret it. An academician and a public relations-type speculate on coming back home, class, and skiing down Churcher Godana.
On going back home after twenty years and on giving back.
Top Ten Direct Amharic to English Translations.
Who makes it possible for Starbucks to have those comfortable chaise lounges in its stores and charge $5 for a Venti Latte? Somewhere in Jimma, an Ethiopian coffee grower is getting roasted.
On why all excesses are not created equal.
Another chance to tell us how much you love us
The past we wish to forget.