SELEDA Ethiopia
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July 27 2021

Life Diaries


We've often professed at SELEDA that our tentacles spread deep and wide. There isn't a campus in New England, an abesha joint in DC, a corn field in the Midwest, a lonely shack in Montana, a nudist colony in the West, and a pueblo in the South where we haven't planted joro TebeewoCh. And yet, even with such an extensive force, spottings of potential life diarists have become... well... spotty. The mere mention of SELEDA contribution gets some of our own friends and siblings to suddenly recall numerous entries in their to do list for this month. Add to that our depleted pool of incentive stock offerings, and the garagantuan scroll of promises we'd made to past contributors that we couldn't possibly deliver... and you realize why we accept this month's contributors as godsends. Whether it is the multitude of TSelots and silets we poured forth, or the handfulls of fendisha we sprinkled under the shade of a sequoia tree on ginbot lideta, we don't know. We are just thankful. A matching wit and tasteful ibdet was all we offered to each as a bait.

This month, we bring you RomaneWorQ -- her real name... NOT! -- a techie currently working as an information coordinator in a philanthropic environmental health advocacy group somewhere in the East... and Melak? who, when he isn't away roaming parts of Africa, is a final year grad student of Public Policy at an Ivy League institution in the East... yeah, like there are any elsewhere...

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