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    Volume II   Issue III

Tuesday February 25 2020

Life Dairies


Selam Adey,

This is Ato X, the person who the SELEDA editor foisted on you to do Life Diaries. In keeping with what has become a SELEDA tradition, it seems to me that we are supposed to choose appropriate noms-de-guerre first of all. So, I, being in a somewhat magnanimous mood today, have decided to send you a set of names, from which you may choose one that I will use.

So, for a hundred dollars, please let me know which one of these names I should be known as...

  • A - Yetinayet
  • B - Yitbarek
  • C - Yehualashet
  • D - Yiliqal
  • E - Yayehyirad
  • F - Yemisrach
  • G - Yaregal
  • H - Yihune
  • I - Yilaq
  • J - Yimreha
  • K - And any other variation on the letter Y other than Yonathan, Yonas, Yonael, and Yoab.

How is that for an introduction?

Dear Ato X--

Your reputation proceeds you. You have been described as nothing short of "brilliant. "As such, it was with trepidation that I accepted this assignment. If the prelude is any indication, I fear I shall be outmatched. This is my rather round about way of saying that I have no idea what most of those words mean. So I opted to use my life line and I phoned a friend. Birds of a feather... She had no clue either. So without a clue, just on a mere whim, my pick is Yetinayet.

As for my own noms-de-guerre, I thought and pondered and requested suggestions and after having done all that, I have chosen to stick with Adey Abeba.

Suggestions are still welcome though...


Dear Adey,

Good to hear your "voice", finally. I was starting to wonder. "Was it something I said?" "Did [the exalted, benevolent LD Editor-emphasis ours] blurt out that I am really a 'sekeram ye Tej bEt zebeNa'?" "Did my wuqabi forsake me when I keyboarded (as opposed to 'penned') my message?"

Whoever told you I was brilliant has not been outside a dark room in a long, long time. I have to say though, your choice of the name Yetinayet is intriguing. Is this some attempt to fathom whether and just how much the said reputation exists? You build up my ego then throw a challenge? (Lesson three from Female Flirting 101.)

Since the good editor wants the piece in MS WORD please look to another message with an attachment.

BTW, I love Adey Abeba, fine choice by me.



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