A Web Site For The Young Ethiopian Professional. Volume II   Issue I    
Tuesday February 25 2020

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Table of Contents…
Editors' note… Y'know, you would think that we found a cure for cancer or something! How hard can it be to stay smarmy for one measly year??
Abetoota… Our favorite mail…
Life Diaries… Sanity is fleeting. Very fleeting… so fleeting that… The diaries of the Young & the Neurotic.
My Music Button… Ethiopian music ringing through the halls of corporate America.
My Story… An Ethiopian pediatrician in DC.
Chase me 'till I Catch you… Where is your muse?
The Corporate Arbegna… Surviving your first big corporate dinner.
Jebdu… Conquering Depression: The last Ethiopian Taboo.
An Actor's Life… Getting up, standing up, and loving your craft even when it doesn't love you.
Of Humans & Microbes… Can biotechnology save Ethiopia?
Work Log… A week in the life of a ski instructor.
Life on the Road… Corporate travel ain't always fun…
Life in the really Fast Lane… …or is it?
Giving Back… Closing the circle. Helping yourself by helping other Ethiopians.
In Limbo… Wallpaper of rejection letters.
SELEDA Survey… Thank God! Proof that we aren't the only ibds out there.
SELEDA Top Ten… What you missed if you weren't at our Big Bash…
SELEDA Backpage… Finally, we tell you who we are behind the SELEDA wall of secrecy. Aren't you sorry you asked.
Comment Center… Aha! Simuni for your thoughts.
The Archives… Bind this baby up… Volume I, complete and unabridged.
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