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Saturday July 4 2020

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The SELEDA Top Ten…

    Top Ten Things overheard at SELEDA's first year anniversary bash…
  • 10. "My therapist can kick your therapist's ass!"
  • 9. "Abo! If you are going to grope me, grope me like you mean it."
  • 8. "I am afraid I will have to escort you out now, sir. Someone overheard you finish a sentence with a preposition."
  • 7. "Has anyone seen my er, lipstick case? It kinda looks like a crack pipe."
  • 6. "The ones in that corner staring blankly at the dot on the wall are from Nazret School. Someone told them staring at a dot on the wall is sexy these days."
  • 5. "Let's schedule playtime for our wuQabiis."
  • 4. "There have been 1,459,001 words published in SELEDA over the year. I understood like 3 of them."
  • 3. "I am very re-Ethiopianized. See? I drink my vodka in a birilay."
  • 2. "You must have forgotten me… I'm the one who let you borrow Fleet for your hair during "The Great Qimal Plague" of the Babugaya zemeCha.
And the number one thing heard at SELEDA's Big Bash…
  • 1. "Are you sure I didn't once squish your self-esteem mercilessly?"
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