A Web Site For The Young Ethiopian Professional.     Volume II   Issue II
Tuesday July 27 2021

Table of Contents

Note from the Editors:You would think we actually have something to say: updates, non-news and meandering hateta.
The Mail:One word: Ha!
Inen Yabiregn…:Looking forward into our past and looking back at our future.
My Story:A son remembers his father's contribution to Ethiopian history.
The SELEDA Profile:Dr. Ephraim Issac on the Fidel Serawit.
Life Diaries:The Washington DC versus the London Ethiopian Diaspora. And the winner is...
Rebirth:How many first days of your life can you get?
Gilding on the Goblet:A writer imagines Janhoy’s last moment with his father and his first moment with her.
Bawza:Who said history is just about kings, dates and battles?
The SELEDA Top Ten:Need summer reading? Hankering for new books? SELEDA's must miss list.
Jebdu:Not every Ethiopian wakes up groggy at noon on Sundays.
The SELEDA Backpage:Got Tej?
Do The Right Thing:What else is there to say?
The Comment Center:All you ever wanted to say if you had a bigger thesaurus.
Archives:All the SELEDA past that haunts us.