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by: ZT

Yager lij zew-zew bey andun inyazew

Mesmerized by the unruly animal attraction, they found that they were actually two of a kind; and here was how it started.

She: "Do you like Woody Allen’s movies?”
He: "My absolute favorite director!”
She: "Have you seen all of them? Which one you think is the best?”
He: "Hannah and Her Sisters, but loved Husbands and Wives, too.”
She: "Love Billy Joel.”
He: "Love him, too!”

After this conversation, they affirmed that they had many things in common. They even believed years from now they could appear in the ET version of When He met She. Freshly in love, whatever one of them says goes through with AfE qur’T ybelilih/sh adulation followed by endless MiCHmeCHa and d’rya.

A while later when opinions and the minuscule details of everyday existence crept into their love nest:

He: Clinton? Peccant!
She: That is for Hilary to say. He: hmmm…
She: Never heard you reprimanding Woody.
He: That is for Mia to say.
She: Exactly my point.
He: Impeached, he should be!
She: State and Family are separate. What of incest?
He: No blood relation there.
She: This is not going anywhere! Music? Lunch?
He: Melkamu
She: Billy Joel
He: Tre Ktfo
She: Lebleb
He: kurfia
She: enawra
She: kurfia
He: enawra
She: This isn’t working!
He: I guess not
She: Things have to change!
He: I understand
She: How? Split?
He: Bandaff!

"Separated due to irreconcilable differences”??? He thought this was a western affliction hyped up by Hollywood. Growing up with amorous isat ina wuha parents who never considered separation, and the Bollywood sentimentality engrained into him, he just could not get it.

Bandaff, indeed.