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    Volume II   Issue III

Saturday July 4 2020

May 2000
"A Son's Tribute to his Father" by Makonnen Ketema
A son remembers his father's contribution to Ethiopian history.

April 2000
"A Doctor in the House" by Anonymous
An Ethiopian pediatrician in DC.

March 2000
"Right Place at the Right Time" by L. B. Tesfaye
Conquering and winning the game of engineering…

February 2000
"My Story" by E.M.
Two giants clash: Love versus the Ethiopian Ego. And the winner is...

January 2000
"Memories So, So Sweet…" by Anonymous
On the wonders and stupor of the first few months in the United States.

December 1999
"On Spirituality and Art" by Yisehak F-Sellassie
On art, God, and finding inspiration…

November 1999
"Colors on My Mirror" by B. Fanos
Are we black too? An Ethiopian on race and color.

July/August 1999
"Bochu" by Anonymous
On trying to assimilate.

June 1999
"On Saying Goodbye…" by Ermias GH.
On coping with the loss of a brother.

April 1999
"Initiation" by Blaine Sergew
An Ethiopian recalls connecting with her grandmother.


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