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    Volume II   Issue III

Tuesday February 25 2020

by: Surafel Assaminew

Most of you are too scared to try Tirae siga

so i am giving you Tbs be awaze and injera

if the awaze is too hot, sip on the Qrari

keep your eyes on the mesob and your ears on the azmari

of course you can't refuse when i offer you a gursha

open your mouth and say "ah, degem-inji indegena"

Qrari is good it won't lead you to sikar

you can drink plenty and still drive your car

if you get drunk, we will call you a taxi

just make sure you leave the Tela bet peacefully

'cause if you don't, they'll call the Qebele

you might even spend some time down in kerchele

your wife sitting at home wondering "where is bale beté? "

"I better drop this fool be CHnqet ke-memotae!"

when you come home in the morning

she is ready for a divorce

telling you "i will never live

"ke indant yale diabilos"


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