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    Volume II   Issue IV

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My Story
Money and...
Imeri SuQ
Delala, NY Style
Thirty Questions
Selling Out
E Trade
The Hustle
The Profile
Corporate Arbegna
The 25K Challenge
A Kiss Without...
Top 10
MBA Woes
Do The Right Thing
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  • Note from the Editors: What we are doing in Toronto; The mother of all skirmishes; More reasons to protest against SELEDA, etc.
  • The Mail: Yep, it's back in full force. Lawsuits welcome.
  • My Story: How to dump Corporate America once and for all.
  • Money and Honey: Prerequisites for a modern marriage: tall, handsome, diversified and high performance portfolio.
  • Imeri SuQ: Anchi SuQ yene SuQ wubit SuQ
  • Delala NY class: An apartment not facing a brick wall in NYC? A closet? A full bath? An inch more than 326 square feet? Please fill out this application and we will take your first born as collateral.
  • Thirty Questions: You're 27 and not yet a millionaire ? (Qaria Tiffi) Whazzamadder witch you? Yosef Kibur did it.
  • Selling out: Quote of the year: "If you are going to sell out, you might as well sell out in class."
  • Bawza: How to make a home, a bEtA guide to owning your little love shack.
  • E-Trading: Inat NASDAQ weim mot! A glimpse into an E-trader's technique.
  • The Hustle: Like they say, everything is negotiable. OK, not everything.
  • The Profile: What the 18th Street world needs now is love sweet love and a restaurant that finally serves Tela marinated, phillo dough encrusted doro weT soup, courtesy of Chef Marcus Samuelsson. Jackets required.
  • Corporate Arbegna: Stop whining and get yourself out of financial rut! OK, at least stop whining. The 13 commandments to a beautiful and healthy bank account.
  • The 25K Challenge: How to launder $25,000. Did we say launder? Silly us. We meant invest. SELEDA asks the experts.
  • Medrek: What use are we in the Diaspora? Plenty. Ahh not that plenty. Ok a little plenty.
  • A Kiss Without a Hug: The Ethiopian BuBu's and their "Wham, bam, thank you m'am" approach to capitalism.
  • The SELEDA Top 10: Top ten Ethiopian start-up dot coms we like.
  • MBA Woes:     First they teach you have to be Bitter, and then they teach you Business. An MBA vents
  • Do the Right Thing: Our duty in the relief effort.
  • Hamsa Lomi: What we want from you besides joining our nice l'il cult.
  • The Back Page: Ethiopian MBA looking for MBA-ish kinda job. Will work for cute woman. See resume.
  • Comments: Why you think we will never even be a quasi cult.
  • Archives: Like your matric picture, your past will always haunt you. Here's ours.

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